BigBang is Leaving for Military Service

South Korea is a country that requires the men in their country to do military service in preparation for a potential war with North Korea. Idols are no exception, they still have to do this job and serve their country as well. Most idols will postpone their military service until their 30s or in their early 30s to enlist since they have to leave the entertainment world for nearly 2 years and the most concerning things are their entertainment career, fans, and popularity when they comeback after they are done with the military service. BigBang members are at the age that requires them to enlist as soon as possible. They are leaving one by one to serve their country, of course VIPs will be very sad knowing they will have to wait some years to see a BigBang comeback as a full team. But on the other side, there are already some scandals surrounding the group’s military service.

Bigbang’s T.O.P Military Service Issue

T.O.P is the oldest BigBang member so he will serve his country first in military service. On November 2016 YG Entertainment as BigBang’s company announced that T.O.P will be enlisting in 2017 and T.O.P will serve his country as conscripted policemen with JYJ Junsu after the National South Korean Police Agency announced it on their homepage. Before that, T.O.P have to go through three weeks of basic combat training in South Chungcheong Province.

However, on June 1st T.O.P was arrested for consuming marijuana. YG Entertainment stated that it was true and T.O.P had to go through an interrogation for further investigation. T.O.P was charged for smoking and consuming liquid marijuana with a female trainee friend on October 2016. His friend was arrested first in March and mentioned T.O.P’s name in her confession thus leading to the police’s investigation on T.O.P.

He was tested and found guilty for consuming marijuana. Because of this, T.O.P was kicked out of Gangnam Police and he has to enlist again in the future.

T.O.P’s problems come not only from consuming marijuana as he was also hospitalized after he was found unconscious due to a drug overdose. He was then intensively treated after being moved out of Ewha Women’s University Mokdong Hospital to another hospital.

After this case blew up, YG released T.O.P’s hand-written letter. He apologized for causing such a scandal and making fans worry about him. He also regretted that he had hurt his family, fellow members, fans,and his agency too. He said he has no excuse and will reflect on his wrongdoings.

G-Dragon’s Military Service


BigBang’s face of the group, G-Dragon, started his solo tour G-Dragon 2017 Concert: Act III, M.O.T.T.E on June 10th 2017 at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium. There he revealed that he will be enlisting next year and this tour will be his last tour. For G-Dragon the problem is not the two-years of military service, but the outcome. All BigBang members will come back more mature than before leaving for the army.

Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri’s Military Service Plan


Japanese media outlets reported on September 21st that the rest of BigBang’s members (including G-Dragon) are planning to enlist by next year, specifically in spring. Those media outlets also stated that although Daesung and Seungri can delay their enlistment time, they have decided that they will enlist together with the other two members. According to this news, the media speculated BigBang may be come back as a full team in 2020.

Despite T.O.P’s scandal that made fans worry, the rest of BigBang’s members have assured all VIPs that they will come back as a full team and become more mature. The only things that VIPs need to do are to wait for their comeback, trust them, and always support BigBang members until they come back in full.