Let’s Take a Look Of Monsta X’s Gorgeous Body

Korean boy group are usually known for having a muscular body from all of their dance practice, training, gym, sports and much more. One example is the boy group from Starship Entertainment, Monsta X. They even have choreography in one of their songs, called Hero, that allows some members to show their abs. Let’s see those each member’s abs!

1. Monsta X Wonho Amazing Abs

If we ask the members who has the best abs among the monsta x member, Wonho will be mentioned. Wonho stated that he really likes to go to the gym and train because of his close friends’ influence, and the result is his perfect abs.

He one of the Monsta X members who like to show off his abs during their performances.

2. Monsta X Shownu’s Sexy Abs

The other that we can’t forget when we talk about abs in monsta x is Shownu. The leader of the group likes to show his abs along with his fellow member Wonho. Recently they showed their abs and muscular body in MAMA 2017 Live in Japan while performing “Beautiful”.

Recently, Minhyuk said in a radio broadcast that truthfully it has four members who show their body: Wonho, Shownu, Kihyun, and Minhyuk. But when came to doing the rehearsal, Kihyun, and Minhyuk ‘s bodies looked so small in comparison to Wonho and Shownu. So, they decided not to show their body and only Wonho and Shownu will be showing their abs on stage.

It’s not only while he is performing; he also shows his abs and muscular body in various variety shows.

3. Monsta X Minhyuk Abs

The next member may not be as popular as the first two members, but when we want to rank the members by their abs, Minhyuk would be in third place. Although, he rarely shows his abs in either their performances, or in variety shows.

4. Monsta X Hyungwon Abs

The next Monsta X member is Hyungwon. Just like Minhyuk, he rarely shows his abs to the audiences, either on stage or in variety shows.

5. Monsta X Kihyun Abs

He once startled their fans by showing his ripped abs, but cutely, he had just painted his body. Monbebe’s fans really like how cute he is when he shows his painted abs.

However, he now has real abs because he wanted to look muscular after looking at the other members who have abs and muscular bodies.

6. Monsta X Jooheon Abs

The next member is the rapper of Monsta X, Jooheon. He once promised the fans that he would revealed his abs during a Meet and Greet, but he couldn’t. He said he does have the abs and can take a picture of it, but when he wanted to post it in their social media, the company didn’t give permission.

7. Monsta X Maknae I.M’s Abs

The last member is the youngest member, Im Chang Kyun, also known as I.M. He never revealed or said that he has abs.

The Monsta X member who has the best abs is Wonho and Shownu. In the middle is Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Kihyun. And the last two members, Jooheon and I.M, don’t have  abs.